Cupcakes || $30/doz

The Unicorn: A sprinkles infused vanilla bean cupcake topped with whipped vanilla buttercream and rainbow confetti sprinkles

The Hippie: A vegan chocolate cupcake topped with an airy whipped dark chocolate coconut ganache

The Band Geek: A hearty white cake filled with jelly and topped with creamy and sweet peanut butter frosting

The Firefly: A graham cracker cupcake filled with rich chocolate ganache and topped with a toasted marshmallow frosting

The Lumberjack: A browned butter cupcake topped with salted maple frosting

The Harvest: An apple cinnamon cupcake topped with a zingy cinnamon buttercream

The Bow Tie: A dark chocolate cupcake topped with a silky chocolate ganache

The Burnout: A brown sugar cupcake topped with cookie dough frosting littered with chocolate flakes

The Savannah: A southern inspired butter pecan cupcake with a sweet and crunchy praline topping

The Havisham: A classic white cake with raspberry filling and topped with white chocolate buttercream roses

The Hipster: A dark chocolate cupcake topped with Nutella espresso buttercream

The Favorite: A dark chocolate cupcake topped with whipped peanut butter ganache and a peanut butter cup

The Happy: An airy lemon cupcake topped with a creamy strawberry swiss meringue buttercream

The Shelby: A classic deep south red velvet cupcake with whipped vanilla bean cream cheese frosting

The Strawb: A chocolate cupcake topped with creamy strawberry swiss meringue buttercream and rich chocolate ganache

The Honey: A roasted banana cupcake topped with salty honey buttercream

Each cake is 3 layers of cake with 2 layers of frosting, in any of the flavors listed below.
6″ (serves 6-8)…$35
8″ (serves 10-12)…$50
10″ (serves 15-20)…$80
12″ (serves 30-35)…$125
12″ double high (five layers cake, 4 layers frosting, serves 60-70)…$200

Cakes can be made in any of the cupcake flavors listed above.


Traditional French Macarons, almond sandwich cookies that are crisp on the outside with a chewy interior and filled with flavor. A very special cookie, perfect for a hostess gift or shower favor.
~Vanilla Bean
~Double Dark Chocolate
~Lemon Vanilla
~Lavender Honey
~Blood Orange (seasonal, regular orange is always available)
~Raspberry Vanilla
~PB & J
~Pistachio White Chocolate
~Pistachio Dark Chocolate
~Salted Caramel
~Espresso Nutella

Cookies & Bars
~Salted Chocolate Chunk…$20 per dozen
~Vanilla Bean Meringue…$15 per dozen
~Sugar Cookies…$15 per dozen
~Espresso Nutella Oreos…$25 per dozen
~Salted Caramel Oreos…$25 per dozen
~Thick Chocolate Chunk Brownies…$30 per dozen
~Thin Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting or Fudge Frosting…$30 per dozen

Lemonade || $2.50/12oz pour
Straight up lemonade
Lemon limeade
Blueberry lemonade
Lavender lemonade
Beet Apple lemonade
Ginger limeade
Cucumber Mint lemonade
Watermelon lemonade

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