The Girl


Standing on a chair next to my mom in the kitchen, I stirred kraft mac n cheese like it was my job. Before I knew it she had me snapping the ends off of string beans. One day I shakily held a piping bag for the first time, and six years later I was baking my first wedding cake. A lot of mistakes were made in those six years. Fortunately, I knew a lot of people who were willing to help me eat my kitchen disasters. Soon, I was learning from my mistakes and more often than not recipes were turning out successful! I walked around my high school twice a week with a basket full of sweets (which is an excellent way to make friends, by the way) inadvertently advertising my product.

I started my first business at 14, not even thinking about the future. I just woke up and decided to sell cakes and cupcakes. I think my early success was my lack of fear. I had nothing to lose because I was just doing this for fun, for now. People were ordering from me because I was like the cute little girl with a lemonade stand. They wanted to see my smile, even if my cakes were less than professional. It was so rewarding for me to be part of all of the special days of peoples lives, even if it was just for a moment before the candles were blown out. I quickly realized that I had to get good at this if I wanted to keep it up. I accepted every challenge, even if it was a design or type of dessert I had never baked before. In the early days of my first business, Plays With Food, I was the definition of “fake it till you make it”. Five years later, I’ve decided to turn this passion into a career. It seems that everyone has to work harder than ever these days just to stay afloat, so why should we waste our time doing something we don’t absolutely love?

The Goods


(photo by the lovely Elizabeth Cunningham of EC Photos for Anthropologie)

At Sugar Mountain Catering, we work with you to design a menu to fit your event. You will never see us dressed in cheap tuxes passing plastic silver platters, we want you to feel comfortable no matter the occasion. From Communion Cakes to Cocktail Parties, we provide you with delicious appetizers and desserts that feel fancy without the fuss. We believe food should be simple and crowd pleasing, so a lot of our menu may remind you of your picky-eating kindergarten days but with an upscale and homemade twist.

We specialize in making events flow effortlessly from the first sip to the last bite. Parties are definitely not something that need stressing over, and we’ll help you enjoy yourself while still making sure every detail is perfect. We believe that a hostess should never have to be without a drink in her hand, ready to cheers.

Contact us and we can talk about it over a bunch of caramels.

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One thought on “About

  1. Fondly remembering all the sweet neet treats you have made in the past. YUMMY DELICIOUS. Can’t wait to be apart of your clientele and taste all of your new creations. So excited for you & Sugar Mountain Catering…Best of Luck Always.. Kierstin & Lois

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